About Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

In the United States, about one-third of energy is consumed in industrial production of materials and products. Another third is consumed by the transportation of people and goods.  The last third is used in keeping our buildings comfortable and lit.  This site is dedicated to innovative technologies that can reduce the environmental burden of vehicles over their life cycle.  This is generally done by reducing their mass (and therefore improving their fuel economy) and using materials that are easily recycled and processes that are energy-efficient.  

This links to the overall goals of The Ohio State University's College of Engineering Strategic Plan, but for now, this site is focused on the research collaboration between Prof's. Glenn Daehn (Materials Science and Engineering) and Anthony Luscher (Mechanical Engineering), which has been catalyzed by a gift from the Alcoa Foundation. This is a new site established in September, 2012 and visitors should see growth in coming months.  

One of the new technologies that we are utilizing is that of impulse metal forming and joining.  The links below describe this technology and show how it can enable new structural designs and products.  

     Background on high velocity Metal Forming and "Hyperplasticity"

     3-fold brochure on emerging field of Impulse Joining

     International Impulse Forming Group
         Links to proceedings of all international Conferences on High Speed Forming
         Link to 2010 conference with recordings of talks

Projects & Events

Senior Capstone Project on Alternate Materials and Designs for Shipping Pallets

Work in Progress on Conformal Interference Joining

Pecha-Kucha on Sustainable Materials and Design

First OSU Roundtable on Light Automotive Design

An introduction to research and outreach related to the design and production of products that minimize the consumption of resources in the lifecycle of durable products. The present focus is on the research groups of Profs. Glenn Daehn and Anthony Luscher, and their activities supported by the Alcoa Foundation.